Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pathways to Housing - New Art Donated

It's been a long time since I posted - not sure if anyone will see or read this but I wanted to share my latest art work.  Pathways to Housing  is a non-profit that helps the homeless gain housing.   They are located in several cities but I'm donating my art to the Washington DC office since that is closest to my home.

They believe "housing first ends homelessness"  and they have been very successful with this program.  Last year my husband and I took a tour of their offices and learned more about the program.

I left wanting to help in some way but not sure we had tons of money to donate.  We did make a cash donation but I still wanted to help more. Then as I was looking through my art supplies one day I found this house stamp by Wendy Veechi and realized I could made something with it.

Last fall I made several "welcome home" cards and sent them down to the  Pathways -DC office.  They loved them - they said the clients love getting mail at their new homes.  Great!!

Another thing Pathways does that I thought was brilliant was they have art hanging all around their offices - canvases that have been painted. The clients when they get a home get to pick a painting for their home also.  We all love to have something hanging on our walls - it helps make a house a home. So I took the same house stamp and make these 8 x 10 wall hangings with them.

I am sending them down to the Pathways office today - I will keep my fingers crossed that the clients like these too!

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